Stainless Steel Surface Restoration

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Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Restoration

Scratchless Glass Australia Provides Stainless Steel Restoration

Scratchless Glass Australia is well known for our windscreen scratch repair, but we also offer stainless steel restoration. Stainless steel appliances and surfaces offer a clean and modern look, and while they are strong surfaces that are resistant to corrosion, they can be stained and damaged by our harsh coastal conditions. Trust our stainless-steel cleaners in Brisbane to make your appliances and surfaces shine like new.

What You Can Expect from Scratchless Glass Australia Regarding Stainless Steel Polishing in Brisbane

Once our professional and experienced restoration and polishing team is finished you can expect your stainless-steel surfaces and appliances to look like they did when they were new. We utilise our own commercial-strength nano coating for stainless steel that will help to keep your surfaces looking their best and make them easier to clean. Here is what you can expect from us:

  • We start by offering a free quote for our services. Costs differ depending on the amount of restoration and polishing needed to return the surface back to new condition – we are transparent with our clients.
  • Our restoration and polishing team are fully trained in repairing and restoring not only stainless steel, but also kitchen marble, stone and laminates, in addition to several other materials. This enables us to handle larger projects with multiple surfaces made from different materials needing restoration.
  • We use a commercial-strength nano coating for glass, tile with grout and stainless steel. Once applied, this coating will repel grime, dirt and soap scum, making cleaning much easier and reducing the time taken to do so by up to 90%.

Related Services We Provide to Residential Steel Polishing

The stainless-steel restoration and polishing services we offer can get your surfaces looking like new, but if they are subject to the same harsh conditions that led them to be in that state the first time, they will soon return to it. Thankfully we can help prevent that with our other services, which include the following:

  • Our nano coating acts as a shield to seal the porosity of the surface. Instead of seeping inside the surface, this coating will resist contaminants. This prevents staining and etching from salt and other mineral deposits.
  • Our restoration services are not limited to glass and stainless steel. We also restore tile and grout. For older bathrooms, this can be a transformative process that will drastically improve the look of the room, as well as remove potentially dangerous mould spores.

About Scratchless Glass Australia

As an industry leader in glass scratch removal since 2006, we have expanded into restoring and protecting a variety of surfaces. This includes offering stainless steel polishing on the Gold Coast. Between our scratch removal, restoration and the nano protective coating we offer, we not only return your damaged surfaces to like new condition, but we can keep them looking their best longer. If you would like to find out more about how we can protect and restore your stainless steel surfaces, contact us today for your free quote.



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Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm