Glass Scratch Removal Services

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Scratched Glass Repair

Scratchless Glass Australia Provides Scratched Glass Repair

In operation for over 13 years, Scratchless Glass Australia has long been a leader in scratched glass repair. Scratched glass can be an eyesore, taking away from your enjoyment of the object and the damage can worsen if not taken care of appropriately. Trust our experienced and dedicated team to provide professional glass scratch removal at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Benefits of Window Scratch Repair by Scratchless Glass Australia

For our clients who have been staring at the scratch in their windscreen or other glass surfaces, removing that eyesore is, perhaps, the biggest benefit from the repair process. This benefit might be the most visible, but there are several others including the following:

  • Scratches do not cut through the entire layer of glass like cracks do. This can make them seem less important outside the visual imperfection, but they can become worse. When exposed to the elements, scratches can grow and even become cracks. Our repairing process will prevent this from happening
  • Our professional, knowledgeable and fully qualified scratch repair team uses only the best products (that we manufacturer ourselves) to fix your glass. Repairing the scratch will not weaken or distort the glass, instead restoring it to its full structural integrity.
  • If you are uncertain, we offer free quotes to help you understand the cost. Our team can come to you. For the best results, we need to remove the panel and return it to our state-of-the-art shop for repair there. This can take three weeks but we will return and reinstall the pane when finished.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Glass Scratch Removal Service

There are a lot of misconceptions about glass scratch repair. Many people think that repairing the scratch weakens the glass, and while some methods can do this, ours returns the glass panel to its full structural integrity. Here are a few of the common mistakes people make when considering glass scratch repair:

  • Repairing scratched glass is a bargain compared to replacement costs. Our service is generally 70% less expensive than replacing the pane. For specialised glass such as curved windows from classic cars, reflective glass or automotive glass with heating elements inside them, the replacement cost is much higher.
  • Our process works with all types of glass. This versatility includes panes that are mirrored or otherwise specialised.
  • We also offer protective nano coatings for glass and other surfaces. When your scratch has been removed, our protective coating can help prevent further scratches from marring its surface.

What Customers Stand to Gain When Using Scratchless Glass Australia

When customers come to us, they benefit from our extensive experience in scratch removal. We have been removing scratches from glass since 2006, becoming a leader in the industry. While automotive glass is one of the most common repairs we provide, we work with all kinds of glass, as well as tile and other surfaces. If you are in need of a glass scratch remover, or any of our other services, contact us today for your free quote.



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