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Glass Restoration

Turn to the Glass Restoration Team at Scratchless Glass Australia

Glass restoration can give a stained or scratched area of glass a brand-new appearance. As experienced glass restoration technicians, the Scratchless Glass Australia team can provide this service to residential or commercial clients that are interested in adding extra shine to the glass on their property.

A Few Key Benefits of Glass Restoration

There are incredible benefits of having the glass windows in your home or office restored. A few examples are:

  • Adds kerb appeal: Are you getting ready to sell your home? Restoring the glass in your house can make it more appealing to prospective buyers. Not only will it give your home an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but it will also provide the buyer with the peace of mind of knowing that they don’t have to spend money to replace or repair the windows.
  • Avoids replacement costs: Not only is replacing an entire pane of glass time-consuming, but it can be expensive. We believe that the majority of scratches are fixable. Our unique approach to fixing a scratch or cleaning a section of glass is considerably less costly than a complete replacement.
  • Adds time to your day: When you run a business or care for a family, it can be nearly impossible to find a moment’s peace in your day, let alone time to clean scratched glass. Our team removes the stress and frustration of removing grime and scratches from both inside and outside your home or office building so you can focus on more important details.

Related Services We Provide to Glass Stain Removal

We are proud to offer our customers more than just glass stain removal options. Other services that we provide concerning stained glass restoration include:

  • Glass scratch removal: Many clients mistakenly assume that if a glass panel is scratched, the only option is to replace the entire panel. We have a different opinion. Our technicians take a delicate approach and zero in on the scratched area, so there is no risk of damaging frames or the surrounding surfaces.
  • Surface Repairs and Chipped stone repair: Stone, marble and even laminate benchtops are expensive and when you notice a chip or damage this can be disheartening. We offer advanced stone & surface repair technology, we can fill the cracks or chips and colour match our repairs for a natural, seamless finish. We also can repair and touch up aluminium and UPVC window frames when you find unsightly scratches or the old colour needs to be changed.
  • Surface protection: We always recommend that you take every precaution to prevent scratching or chipping on glass, tile, or stainless-steel surfaces when you are planning a construction project. Our Scratchless Peelable Coating provides a layer of protection that is easy to clean and keeps dirt at bay.

Why You Should Choose to Work with Scratchless Glass Australia

The professionals are skilled in working to repairing scratches on curved, laminated, and automotive glass. Our technicians always come to your location, so you never need to worry about removing the damaged glass.

Our company also understands that you may need to work within the confines of a budget. We don’t believe that you should ever be blindsided by a bill which is why we are happy to provide you with a free quote before we begin any project. Feel free to give our office a call any time to discuss pricing options.

We are here to help, #dontreplacerepair

To speak with a member of our team about your stained glass restoration options, send us a message through our contact page.



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Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm