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Welcome to Scratchless Glass Australia

Scratchless Glass Australia are the leaders in Glass Scratch Removal and have been operating for more than ten years. We cover Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane but can be appointed to travel elsewhere. 

Our team are the most experienced and dedicated scratch removal professionals in the business and in this line of work, experience matters.  

We have a long term crew of employees, not subbies,  who have been fully trained to carry out our unique service offerings and we are fully insured.

Our core services include Removal of Scratches from Glass by Glass Polishing, and Buffing, Restoration and Protective Coatings for Glass, Tiles & Grout, Stone and Stainless Steel Restoration and Protection.

We can remove scratches from all types of glass for a fraction of replacement cost and with out distorting the panel. Insurance Companies, Builders, Painters and Cleaners are some of our clients.  

Our process does not weaken the glass, which is something we are often asked.  We actually restore the glass to it's full structural integrity, if we didn't glaziers and insurance companies wouldn't use our services.  Our process is not messy and we always leave a site cleaner than we found it.  

Other services available include professional EnduroShield application for Shower Screens, Glass Pool Fences and hard to reach Windows. EnduroShield is the most durable nanotechnology based coating available, made right here in Australia.  EnduroShield have coatings to seal not only Glass but Tile & Grout and Stainless Steel making the treated surfaces easier to clean.

We provide solutions to our customers by developing a deep understanding of their current and ongoing needs. We are a service-led business - we offer products and services to deliver a complete solution. 

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Glass scratch removal commercial premises
Removing scratches from glass for Commercial premises and shop fronts is our speciality.  Builders, Property Managers and Insurance Companies please note - you need not throw out damaged glass caused by scratches. We have all necessary insurance and work safe method statements and site safety cards that you may require. We polish glass for a fraction of the replacement cost.

Whether you are in Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast, call today for a free quote:  1300 253 271

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Shower Glass Restoration

Do you have trouble cleaning your shower screen?  Sick of scrubbing and not being able to remove water stains from glass?  

Scratchless Glass Australia utilises the best available technology to remove scratches and hard water stains in glass. Glass can be restored quickly and affordably without damaging frames and surrounds. Typically we will save you around 70% of the cost of replacing the glass.

We are Building Industry Specialists and have all the necessary insurances in place.

Servicing Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas - call 1300 253 271 for free quote

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Scratchless Glass Australia
We work with a wide range of clients, from domestic homes to large corporations such as The Hilton,Metricon, G James, Viridian, National Glass and Stegbar,  Feel free to read the latest testimonials from some of our clients. Their praise of our service speaks for itself!

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What Sort of Damage?

  • Graffiti Etched into glass by Vandals
  • Dogs Scratching Glass on sliding doors
  • Scratches caused to glass during delivery or installation
  • Grinder Spark Marks
  • Hard Water Stains on showers or water features
  • General Wear and Tear scratches
  • Blade Damage caused by cleaners or painters
  • Wiper Blade Marks
  • Scratched Shop Front Windows
  • Automotive scratches
  • Marine Glass Scratches


We are based in Brisbane covering Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and can be appointed to travel anywhere.  Our service is very portable and our staff professional.

Pool Fencing

Glass surfaces such as pool fencing,  glass balustrades and some windows can be really hard to clean, especially if there are children or pets around.

With the glass constantly exposed to harsh conditions damage can be caused to the glass. Chemicals, bird poo, salt and grime from pools or the environment can all lead to staining and etching of the glass surface which cannot be removed with general household cleaners.

Have your glass restored for a fraction of replacement cost and then protect it with EnduroShield for Glass.


Services available Brisbane, North Brisbane, Sunshine Coast

Shower Screens

Hard Water Stains are very difficult to remove and continue to get worse over time, Scratchless Glass Australia have specially formulated compounds and equipment to remove these in most instances.

If the glass is very old, permanent damage can be caused, which is simply not cost effective to restore - but in most cases your glass can be restored to look like new. 

Once restored it is recommended that you protect the surface with EnduroShield for Glass to ensure you never have these marks come back again!


Services available North Brisbane, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast