Scratchless Glass Australia incorporates “best of breed” products for protecting a wide variety of surfaces.

Scratchless Peelable Coating for protection during Construction

Our product is professionally applied to help prevent scratches on glass during the construction period water based and manufactured to export quality.

  • We guarantee the product quality and durability
  • We guarantee our trained staff will apply the coating in accordance with manufacturers specifications
  • We guarantee product will peel easily by cleaners at the end of project.

EnduroShield Coatings for Glass, Tile & Grout, Stainless Steel

Save time and money with EnduroShield®, the non-stick protective coating that is ideal for all glass, tile, ceramic and stainless steel surfaces. The once only application repels grime, dirt and soap scum making the surface easier to clean, reducing cleaning time by up to 90%. EnduroShield acts as a shield to seal the porosity of the surface, allowing contaminants to reside on an easy to clean protective coating. It also protects the surface against staining and etching from mineral deposits and salt corrosion.

Dry-Treat - Penetrating Sealants for Marble, Limestone, Granite, Outdoor Pavers all types of stone.

Dry-Treat Innovation

Dry-Treat began in 1991 as a premium developer of specialist concrete sealers for the civil engineering industry, to protect large concrete structures such as bridges, high rises and factory floors in harsh conditions, including seawater and alkaline soil. For over 2 decades, Dry-Treat's team of engineers and chemical scientists have continued to develop unique sealers to provide premium protection for a wide range of porous materials, including natural stone, tiles, brick and paving.

The Dry-Treat Difference

Dry-Treat's impregnating sealers are technologically different from commonly available silicone, teflon and siloxane impregnators. Our specially engineered molecules penetrate deeper into porous materials and bond permanently inside the pores, without blocking them. This creates a deep barrier of protection within the tiles, paving, natural stone etc, which not only protects against staining, but against other serious damage, such as salt efflorescence. Dry-Treat impregnating sealers stand up to cleaning chemicals, traffic, sunlight, and even commercial cleaning techniques such as high pressure hosing. We back our technology with written performance warranties of up to 15 years, when the sealers are applied by a Dry-Treat Accredited Applicator.

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Drytreat  Enduro Shield 

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Scratchless Glass are used to working on all types of building sites.
We are building industry specialists and have all the necessary insurances, work safe method statements and site safety cards required to work on your premises.
We have discounted project rates for long running jobs if required.
No matter if the scratches in glass are caused by cleaners, painters or other trades we have a cost effective solution for you.
Our process does not weaken the glass, in fact it restores it to the original structural integrity.  
Even calcification from concrete left on glass can be removed.
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