Richard & Wanda English

Richard &Wanda English

Tranquil Place

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At the end of a 14 month Tenancy we moved back into our home and to our horror a lot of things had been damaged.

In particular,

  1. All bathroom      shower screens were badly etched through the lack of cleaning and hard      water damage.
  2. Glass stair case      banister scratched.
  3. Glass table top      scratched
  4. Glass roof in      external entertainment area in need of restoration.

No amount of cleaning or cleaning products could restore the shower screens to the original luster. We were contemplating the replacement of the screens.

Whilst travelling we saw an advertisement for ‘Scratchless’, Glass Protection and Scratch removal. We telephoned and arranged a time for Kristen, the Proprietor, to attend our home and quote for the above glass repairs.

Prior to giving a quote Kristen undertook a test on the damaged glass to ensure that it could be cleaned and that we would be satisfied with the end result.

Then she provided a quotation to undertake the work.

We accepted the quotation and to our delight when Kristen had completed the restoration to the shower screens they looked like new.

The table and banister scratches are no longer visible and I was ecstatic with the result.

We were so impressed by the result of the work undertaken that we requested that the glass ceiling of the external entertainment area be cleaned and polished also. Again we were very pleased with the result.

EnduroShield was applied as a final finish to all the cleaned and restored glass and this makes cleaning of the shower screens extremely easy, even the outside glass entertainment area is easy to maintain and keep clean.

We have no hesitation in recommending Kristen of Scratchless for any glass protection and scratch removal work, for her work is excellent.

Work is performed on time and within the quoted budget.

You can contact us on 0412 659 341 for any further information.

Yours faithfully,

Richard &Wanda English

Scratchless Glass are used to working on all types of building sites.
We are building industry specialists and have all the necessary insurances, work safe method statements and site safety cards required to work on your premises.
We have discounted project rates for long running jobs if required.
No matter if the scratches in glass are caused by cleaners, painters or other trades we have a cost effective solution for you.
Our process does not weaken the glass, in fact it restores it to the original structural integrity.  
Even calcification from concrete left on glass can be removed.
Service areas: North Brisbane, Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Northern NSW and Sunshine Coast

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