Richard & Wanda English

Richard &Wanda English

Tranquil Place

Alexandra Headland QLD



At the end of a 14 month Tenancy we moved back into our home and to our horror a lot of things had been damaged.

In particular,

  1. All bathroom      shower screens were badly etched through the lack of cleaning and hard      water damage.
  2. Glass stair case      banister scratched.
  3. Glass table top      scratched
  4. Glass roof in      external entertainment area in need of restoration.

No amount of cleaning or cleaning products could restore the shower screens to the original luster. We were contemplating the replacement of the screens.

Whilst travelling we saw an advertisement for ‘Scratchless’, Glass Protection and Scratch removal. We telephoned and arranged a time for Kristen, the Proprietor, to attend our home and quote for the above glass repairs.

Prior to giving a quote Kristen undertook a test on the damaged glass to ensure that it could be cleaned and that we would be satisfied with the end result.

Then she provided a quotation to undertake the work.

We accepted the quotation and to our delight when Kristen had completed the restoration to the shower screens they looked like new.

The table and banister scratches are no longer visible and I was ecstatic with the result.

We were so impressed by the result of the work undertaken that we requested that the glass ceiling of the external entertainment area be cleaned and polished also. Again we were very pleased with the result.

EnduroShield was applied as a final finish to all the cleaned and restored glass and this makes cleaning of the shower screens extremely easy, even the outside glass entertainment area is easy to maintain and keep clean.

We have no hesitation in recommending Kristen of Scratchless for any glass protection and scratch removal work, for her work is excellent.

Work is performed on time and within the quoted budget.

You can contact us on 0412 659 341 for any further information.

Yours faithfully,

Richard &Wanda English

SuperYacht - Dragonfly

“Dragonfly is a 74m Superyacht that was constructed in Western Australia at the Hanseatic Shipyard, and has been cruising the world’s Oceans since 2009. Life at sea is tough for any vessel and the hundreds of square metres of pristine glass take the brunt of the elements, after tens of thousands of miles it is inevitable that this glass shows the scars of life at sea, scratches, mineral build up and the remnants of maintenance techniques. We employed the Scratchless Glass team led by Kirsten Budd to attend our recent refit period and restore the glass to its original pristine condition. The team were professional in their approach and did a great job in removing the scratches and signs of wear.

Our ten guest bathrooms were restored and treated with a nanotechnology coating to offer protection to the restored glass surfaces, both inside and out.

The tasks were completed on time and on budget, we would be happy to recommend Kristen and her team to any discerning yacht owner” Captain Mike Gregory – M/Y

Tug Boat Windows

Hi Kristen, 

Thank you for all of your efforts, we are more than happy with the results.

Contract Resources should be thanking you big time. 


Aaron, PB Towage

Shower Restoration & EnduroShield

Hi Kristen,

Very pleased with the result - amazing really.  Also, you can tell Harrison that he did a good job and displayed qualities of good care and application to the task in hand, as I got good views when holding the shower door. 

By all means quote my name and unit number for job satisfaction and good results. 

John McArthy

Windsor Gardens North

Alexandra Headlands


Franke Constructions

To Kristen Budd,

I have found Kristen that your attention to detail in the preparation and application of EnduroShield is most professional. 

Having engaged your services over an extended time I have never had any recalls, only clients asking "what is this product as it is fantastic and so easy to keep the glass and tiles clean"  The backup of an outstanding warranty that comes with this product is great too. 

Over many years in the building industry I have yet to come across any other product that has the same qualities as your product.  I'm most impressed and delighted to say the least it makes cleaning that much easier and less time wasted. 

Once again many thanks for your promptness, reliability and over all professionalism and I look forward to on going projects. 

This is a testament of its performance. 


Garry Franke

Franke Constructions

Utopia Rentals

To whom it may concern,


Utopia Rentals has been repeatedly targeted by vandals who etch their "tag" into our shop front windows. 


Scratchless Glass were able to remove all of the graffiti and then applied an Anti Graffiti Film to prevent this from happening again.


We are happy to recommend Scratchless Glass for the removal of scratches and graffiti etched into glass.


They were quick, affordable and very professional in their approach.


Yours sincerely,


Peter Fry

Principal  - Utopia Rentals, Noosa


Sign Wave

To whom it may concern,

Whilst installing a sign we accidently scratched a very large and expensive panel of glass, and the owner demanded that the panel be replaced (approx. $7k)

Although the client was very fussy, the team at Scratchless assured us and the client that the repair would be invisible. The client was reluctant, but once the team at scratchless had finished their work, they had to admit that the panel was as good as new, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

I would highly recommend Scratchless for any similar issues

Mark Montgomery

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2/82 Sugar Road, Maroochydore


A friend of mine in Adelaide is restoring a VH770 265 Charger and is doing a good job of it and is very fussy with every step of the project. He spent a long time researching the few companies that remove scratches from door glass etc. He settled on a company in QLD that is run by a lady (don't know her name) who does the work herself. The price was also the cheapest of all the quotes he got. The service was fantastic with lots of consultation during the process and there was a gaurantee that there would be no uneven surfaces and all factory symbols and numbers etc remain and the turnaround was very quick. So I thought the company deserves a mention if you want good work for a good price done.

The company is 'Scratchless Glass Australia'. Ph 1300 253 271 or check it out on and email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PS I have no affiliation whatsoever with this company

Mick Gale

C Bagara - Resort

To whom it may concern,

“ We have had Kristen’s Scratchless Glass treatment done on quite a few of our showers in our holiday let apartments and our housekeepers especially are absolutely ecstatic with the results!

The glass has come up like brand new and the Enduroshield treatment means that water and soaps etc just runs off making the showers very easy to clean between guests, We do have some problems in our ocean front environment with salt damage, and as our apartments are very popular, our guest turnover means the showers are in almost constant use causing cloudiness from soap and chemical buildup.

Kristen’s treatment, however, reverses all that and gives the showers a just-installed brand new gleam! Thanks, Kristen – very impressed! “

Rob and Kathy Williamson,

Managers, C Bargara Resort

83-87 Esplanade

Bargara 4670

P 61 7 4130 1600

F 61 7 4159 0622

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bruce Loomes - GAAQ

I have known Kristen Budd, proprietor of Scratchless Glass Australia, for the past 3 years and I confirm that her company is a current and valued member of the GAAQ.

Kristen is a very active member in our Sunshine Coast Chapter attending the meetings on a regular basis and contributes to the successful running of that Chapter.

Scratchless Glass Australia is a fully Accredited member, # 076, to Australian Standard AS 1288 and Kristen also has her Competency Certificate, # C3593 for this standard.

Scratchless Glass is a sought after company for scratch removal from glass and Kristen’s expertise in this area is well known.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kristen Budd for any sub-contract work for your organisation and would be delighted to elaborate further if required.

Yours Faithfully,


Tobacco Station Nambour

Hi Kristen,

"The Scratchless Glass response to our display window problem was just brilliant. The service and end product was just great and I would not hesitate to recommend Scrathless Glass to any business"



Tobacco Station, Nambour

John Donovan - Commercial Glazier

In my role as a supervisor for a major window company, I worked with Kristen and her team on a number of high rise apartment buildings in Brisbane, where they successfully removed dozens of scratches suffered during construction, (some of them quite large), from double glazed glass panels which otherwise would have needed to be replaced at great expense.

She was always friendly and helpful, had great advice, and went out of her way to ensure the job was done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Kristen and her team at Scratchless Glass for any job, as I know they will approach it in a totally professional manner, regardless of whether it is a car window, or a multi-story building.

John Donovan.

Wayne - Caloundra

"The auto door to the entrance of 54 Canberra Tce, Caloundra was deeply engraved with scratches as a result of a graffiti attack and the first thought was that the glass would have to be replaced. Scratchless Glass Australia were able to remove this graffiti to a very satisfactory standard and at a cost far less than the glass replacement. Their service and professionalism was most acceptable."

Wayne & Charmaine Bird

I contacted Scratchless Glass regarding a damaged mirror which had quite a few scratched caused by cleaning with a scourer. Kristen was able to arrange a time which suited us to have a look at it. Upon arrival the Scratchless team soon underwent repairing the mirror with a professional approach and did not stop until they were happy with the final outcome. Initially their first approach didn't achieve the outcome which they wanted but they persisted in using various ways to remove these unwanted scratches. On completion we were happy with the result but waited until the owners of the mirror were satisfied.

Kristen re-assured us that if we were not happy with the results she would be more than happy to continue until we were or refund any monies paid.

Kristen contacted us over the weekend to see if we had heard from the owners. I contacted them and asked were they satisfied that they could no longer see any scratches, we received a message saying they were very happy with the results.

I would not hesitate to forward their business on as we were very happy with the outcome. By using Scratchless Glass we saved $$ on replacing the whole mirror.

Very Very Happy!

Wayne & Charmaine Bird
Jim"s Cleaning (Mooloolaba)
15th February 2013

Sam- Buderim

"I was thrilled with the result of our shower glass restoration completed by Scratchless Glass, prior to selling our home.  We will definately use Scratchless to restore and protect the showers in our new home as soon as we move in." 

Reef Homes Pty Ltd

logo_reef"I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Kristen Budd of Scratchless Glass.  She is on time every time, runs a tight ship with no short cuts made.

It is a pleasure to walk in to one of our homes after the cleaners have been in to see the sparkling windows and doors.

Thanks Kristen for all the good work."

Peter Jenkins - Director

PJ Burns Builder Pty Ltd

logo"PJ Burns have used the services of Scratchless since the conception of their company.  They are a professional company that are accommodating and always provide quality service.

As a residential building company that prides itself on providing best value for money and quality service, we highly recommend the services of Scratchless.  With their surface protection and now, further provision of scratch removal, they are a valuable trade for us and we would have no hesitation recommending their services to anyone."

Sarah Seeley - Executive Assistant.

Peter - Kawana

"My wife and I recently moved out of a rental property where our dog had severely scratched several of the glass pool fence panels. Pacific Glass suggested I call Scratchless Glass to remove the scratches as the cost of replacing the panels was going to very expensive. Kristen removed all of the scratches quickly and affordably. The real estate agent was very happy with the result which meant I got my full bond back. Thank you Scratchless Glass."

Pam - Buderim

"This is just a short note to thank you for all the hard work you and Cameron did on our Glass Pool fence and Windows. We are amazed that you were able to get out all the deep scratches that were left in our glass by the workmen when we built our house recently. We are also happy that we did not have to take out all the glass panels that had been damaged. The mess would have been terrible. Thank you again for all of your hard and very successful work."


Michelle O'Neill

Hi Kristen,

I am very pleased with the result of the treatment with EnduroShield.

I was also very impressed with the two young men who work for you. They were very professional and had a very good knowledge of your product.

Please pass on my thanks. I will be happy to recommend your company to our friends.


8th February 2013

Marie - Buderim

"  ...  we spent a lot of money on our new home and bathroom accessories.  When it came time to move in we found a long scratch in the middle of our new mirror plus scratches on two of our three shower screens - I just wanted to cry I was so frustrated!  One of the representatives from Stegbar told me about Scratchless Glass and their services and of the successful scratch removal they had done for them.  Kristen polished out all of the scratches in no time but there was the second miracle of EnduroShield applications.  I had already applied a cheaper alternative to my shower screens but I could see straight away that they hadn't worked.  Scratchless with their professional application and EnduroShield products did work and I am happy to give testimony to that. "


Scratchless Glass are used to working on all types of building sites.
We are building industry specialists and have all the necessary insurances, work safe method statements and site safety cards required to work on your premises.
We have discounted project rates for long running jobs if required.
No matter if the scratches in glass are caused by cleaners, painters or other trades we have a cost effective solution for you.
Our process does not weaken the glass, in fact it restores it to the original structural integrity.  
Even calcification from concrete left on glass can be removed.
Service areas: North Brisbane, Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Northern NSW and Sunshine Coast

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