Automotive Glass

Dedicated Auto  Glass Hotline:  1300 173 786  call Jaxon

Keep your baby all original with Scratchless Glass Australia who can restore your original pieces.

Our process involves grinding back the surface and then polishing back to clear to remove scratches from auto glass.  

Whether you are based on Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast our mobile service can come to your premises.  For best results windows need to be removed from the vehicle. We take back to our premises and take the time needed to obtain best result.  Typically 3 weeks for a full set.

Vintage car or collectors model with curved glass?  Not a problem - prices will be quoted depending on the work required.

There are other automotive windscreen restoration places, such as Glass Technologies, O'Briens or Novus who provide chips & cracks repair service.


Testimonial from a recent customer:

A friend of mine in Adelaide is restoring a VH770 265 Charger and is doing a good job of it and is very fussy with every step of the project. He spent a long time researching the few companies that remove scratches from door glass etc. He settled on a company in QLD that is run by a lady (don't know her name) who does the work herself. The price was also the cheapest of all the quotes he got. The service was fantastic with lots of consultation during the process and there was a gaurantee that there would be no uneven surfaces and all factory symbols and numbers etc remain and the turnaround was very quick. So I thought the company deserves a mention if you want good work for a good price done.

The company is 'Scratchless Glass Australia'. Ph 1300 173 786 or check it out on and email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PS I have no affiliation whatsoever with this company

Mick Gale



Scratchless Glass Australia has a dedicated person focused on restoring automotive glass. He is passionate about old cars and would love to discuss you requirements.
Call Jaxon direct on 1300 1RESTO or 1300 173 786

Freight Calculator

For a ball-park guide to the cost of freighting your glass to us on the Sunshine Coast, please use this freight calculator. For an accurate quote please contact us via our freight enquiry form. Please note that the calculator calculates freight one-way only, you will need to double the result for return freight to and from the your nearest technician.  Technicians based in Sydney, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.


Freight Enquiry


For an accurate quote on freighting to us please use our freight enquiry form.